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Stocklots24 celebrates "20 Years GmbH"

Exactly 20 years ago, on 24.08.1998 the "VIW - Verlag für Industrie- und Wirtschaftswerbung GmbH" was registered at the district court Groß-Gerau. The individual company "VIW - Verlag für Industrie- und Wirtschaftswerbung Markus Filler" was incorporated as a contribution in kind. The individual enterprise was already registered at the former municipality on 06.09.1995, the birthday of the managing director.

It all started with the trade of computer articles and a short excursion into the advertising industry. We started trading goods on Ebay as early as 2002 and were successful Ebay Powersellers shortly thereafter. With over 3000 positive evaluations, we were already successful in the remnant trade at that time.

At that time, the procurement of goods at a reasonable price seemed like a search for a needle in a haystack. The existing portals at that time fulfilled the purposes of the portal operators, but not the wishes of the dealers. That's how the idea "We can do better."

This was followed by the decision to launch an independent B2B procurement platform on the market on 30.06.2004 and the business purpose of the GmbH was expanded. After a short planning phase, this went online shortly afterwards on 08.07.2004 at www.restposten24.de

Software purchased at that time met all initial requirements, but soon reached its limits. So we started to develop our own software. On 13.08.2004 the company name was changed to "Restposten24 GmbH".

The name change took place as the last step of the change of name, since we first had to make sure that we had registered or bought all important domains like Stockposten24.de, Stockposten24.at, Stockposten24.nl, Stockposten24.ch, as well as other domains.

Ginsheim-Gustavsburg is now a city and the competent district court has been moved from Groß-Gerau to Darmstadt. However, the official company address has never changed in the entire 23 years.

Over the years we have continued to develop according to the wishes of our dealers. Above all, new languages and countries came to the Stocklots24 family with the corresponding key accounts for each language, and a very lively exchange with producers worldwide developed.

Things didn't always go smoothly. In 2013, for example, due to a family crash in our server family, several hard drives moved out and took your data with them. We changed the server location, put together our desired server in the 5-digit range and suddenly had no more problems with hard disk failures. From now on we could only take care of the further development of the portal.

Because it was not only more desired to sell articles as remnants, but also companies who wanted to sell their goods in large sales quantities as new goods, another trading portal went online on 01.10.2014: www.grosshandel24.de We have been working successfully with sellers and buyers worldwide for 20 years. We try to meet the needs of our registered dealers in order to achieve the greatest possible success for our customers.

We are pleased about 20 years GmbH and want to celebrate this with you. For this reason we have thought of something very special. You can register for free in the 20 days from 24.08.2018 to 12.09.2018:

Click here, register and enter the following code "20JahreGmbH".

Existing customers also have the possibility to order a top article in a category or a top article on the start page within the next 20 days free of charge with the code "20years".